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Play-out verification and royalty tracking

Advertising ROI

Enhance targeting and engagement by generating dynamic advertising triggers based on context. Employ play-out verification and royalty tracking and gain significant improvement on content ROI. Plus enhance existing recommendation engines and product placement.

Identify brands and track occurrrences of advertisements and sponsorships inside broadcast TV. Improve brand safety and manage client reputation by tracking brand placement with content.

We convert unstructured video

AI Enabled Computer Vision for Video

IDenTV is a pioneer in Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), real-time video detection, video metadata extraction, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. We convert unstructured video into searchable and actionable metadata to transform how we understand and interact with video assets.

IDenTV creates revolutionary insights for media broadcasters to create new strategies to enhance ROI, ad-spend, increase viewership engagement, and more.

We are scientists who understand video.

Our Company

IDenTV is a front runner in developing industry best computer vision technologies using Machine Learning and AI, IDenTV technology solutions are deployed in both the commercial and federal sectors. We bring the perfect combination of talent and technology to help our customers overcome their most significant challenges.

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